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At Eggert Law Firm, we employ our 25+ years of Divorce & Family Law, Bankruptcy, and DUII & Criminal Defense Law experience to reach the legal resolution you’ve been waiting for so you can breathe easy.

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Christopher J Eggert practices in Family Law, Bankruptcy, and DUII & Criminal Defense Law in Salem, Oregon. He is here for you when you need an attorney. He is the experienced attorney you have been looking for. Call today to schedule a consultation!

Christopher Eggert is an attorney who puts his clients’ interests first

Eggert Law Firm  actively pursues their clients’ goals every day. Whether it’s modifying child custody, handling a contested divorce, preparing forms for an uncontested divorce, taking a case to depositions, preparing a DUII defense for trial, or negotiating a complex settlement, we put our clients first.

Our Areas of Practice


When you’ve reached the end of your financial rope, bankruptcy can give you a fresh start. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 individual bankruptcies.

Family Law & Divorce

Providing compassionate, strong representation for divorce, custody, child support and other family law matters.

Criminal Defense & DUII

Providing a strong defense to those accused of crimes, including: DUII; Assault; Domestic Violence; and Juvenile.

Other Legal Assistance

We also work with other areas of law, including Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs).

Helping you to get the Qualified Domestic Relations Order to transfer retirement benefits awarded in your divorce is one of our specialties.

If you need an attorney to help you with these or any other area of practice, give us a call to talk over your situation.

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This is where you get to breathe easy. Your attorney will have walked with you to answer your questions and reach a resolution.

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