Our Attorneys at Law in Salem, Oregon

Our attorneys have experience in many practice areas of Law. Below is a brief overview of our attorneys.

Christopher J Eggert is one of the Attorneys at Law at Eggert & Assoicates

Christopher Eggert

Christopher Eggert has been in practice since 1996 and is the principal attorney of Eggert & Associates PC. He is licensed to practice law in Oregon, Washington, Utah and Hawaii. Mr. Eggert’s primary practice areas are family law and divorce, bankruptcy relief, and criminal defense. In Hawaii, Mr. Eggert also practices in personal injury and immigration services.


Zachary Gottlieb - Attorney at Eggers & Associates

Zachary Gottlieb

Zachary Gottlieb is a graduate of Willamette University College of Law and the firms newest Attorney. His primary practice areas of law are: Family Law and Contract Law. Zachary firmly believes Family Law is one of the few areas of law that allows you to step into the shoes of your client, and become an integral part of their next step in life. He also has an interest in Consumer Protection, Wills and General Business.