There are only a few circumstances where it could make sense to do your own divorce without a divorce attorney.   If your marriage was short term, you have no substantial assets (including real property or retirement accounts), you have no minor children, and you get along well enough with your soon-to-be-ex spouse to reach a reasonable agreement, you may be able to handle your divorce without hiring a divorce attorney.  Even if your situation is not complicated, I recommend that you have a divorce attorney at least review your documents prior to filing with the court. A divorce attorney may be able to prepare the paperwork for you as well to ensure it is done properly and accurately reflects your wishes.

Picture of young couple having difficulties in relationship

If your case is complicated or there are minor children involved, you should not handle your own divorce, you should absolutely hire a divorce attorney. There are many issues to consider in a divorce case including custody, child support, support, property division, and debt allocation. In most cases, it will save you money in the end to seek the advice of an experienced divorce attorney/lawyer. Without a divorce attorney, you may be unaware of your rights and responsibilities. Further, it is helpful to get an outside prospective from a divorce attorney when making major decisions. Divorces can be emotional and may cloud a person’s thought process.  If you wait to seek help, it may be too late to change the court’s orders before you realize there was a problem with the paperwork. Failure to hire a divorce attorney may cost you and your children in the future.

The attorneys at Eggert Law Firm have more than 30 years combined experience as divorce attorneys. Schedule a consultation and chat with an attorney about your divorce and family law matter today.

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