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With growing concerns of data safety, understand that if you are preparing to file for a divorce, or will be the subject of one, you should be thinking about your Facebook profile and social media platform profiles. It is important to keep in mind that your personal Facebook data will be accessible in most cases. This data is obtained and accessed through a process we call discovery. Discovery in its simplest form is obtaining information from the other party that is relevant to your case type. Often times, clients don’t realize that their most personal and private information will be shared with the other party, and the court. When negative comments are made about each other through social media, it will likely be seen at some point through the process by the other party, and could cause further dissension between parties, effectively costing each party more in fees than originally intended due to the fighting.

To make the difficult process of divorce easier, refrain from posting anything negative about the opposing party during the course of a divorce, or any other form of domestic relations proceeding. By refraining from taking a negative stance on your former partner through social media, you are likely assisting your attorney, or even yourself, from incurring more time and costs than are necessary. We understand that it’s hard not to share your feelings with your friends and family during such a difficult process, but understand that if you refrain from sharing this online, you are assisting yourself, and you’re allowing yourself to move to the next chapter of your life quicker.

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