What are the top 5 reasons to use a remote practice attorney?

  1. Convenience: Remote practice attorneys can offer greater convenience for clients who don’t want to take time off work, travel long distances, or deal with traffic to meet in person. Meetings can be conducted by phone, video conferencing, or email, which can save time and reduce stress.
  2. Flexibility: Remote practice attorneys can work with clients in different time zones, making it easier to schedule meetings that work for both parties. This can be especially helpful for clients who have busy schedules or who are in different parts of the country or world.
  3. Lower costs: By eliminating the need for in-person meetings, remote practice attorneys can
    remote attorney and client meeting

    Virtual meeting between client and remote attorney

    offer lower fees for their services. This can make legal services more accessible to people who might not otherwise be able to afford them.

  4. Specialized expertise: Because remote practice attorneys can work with clients from anywhere, they can specialize in certain areas of law and offer their services to clients who might not be able to find a local attorney with the same expertise.
  5. Increased access to justice: By making legal services more convenient and affordable, remote practice attorneys can help increase access to justice for people who might not otherwise be able to get the legal help they need.

Christopher Eggert and the Eggert Law Firm provides remote services in Oregon. Mr. Eggert has been a remote practice attorney for nearly a decade, pioneering remote practice techniques long before the events of 2020. To schedule a consultation with Mr. Eggert about how his remote practice can work for you in your divorce or family law case, please fill out this contact form, or call (503) 837-6111.

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