When should I consider parenting time modifications?

Any parent should consider parenting time modifications when the current parenting plan is not working well. Here are some examples of when parenting time modifications should be considered: Your work schedule changes so that you cannot have the kids according to the court-ordered parenting time schedule The parenting time schedule was made for kids who […]

What to Wear (AND NOT WEAR) to Court

Remember that this is usually your first and only time to impress the judge or jury.  You want to dress appropriately! It is important to look neat, clean, and professional. I often tell clients to dress as though they were going to a job interview.  It’s not required that you go out and buy a […]

Diminished Value from a Car Accident – The Hidden Claim Insurance Companies Don’t Tell You About

As you probably know, if your vehicle is involved in a collision or accident, you are required to disclose that fact at the time of sale, even if the vehicle has been repaired to pre-accident condition. Being involved in a collision will drastically impact the value of your vehicle and you have the right to […]