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Divorce Attorney in Salem, Oregon

“Divorce” is not a dirty word. It is a fact of modern life that four in ten first marriages will end in divorce, and that even higher percentages of second and third marriages end that way.

When you have reached the end of your rope, and your marriage has to end, don’t handle it yourself. Divorce is a very complicated legal process. Internet forms and the advice of well-meaning friends just can’t protect all of your rights.

It’s kind of like flying an airplane: while you might get lucky and be able to get to your destination in one piece by yourself, the use of an experienced pilot greatly enhances your odds of getting where you want to go. A divorce attorney is your pilot on this life journey.


If you have children, what kind of custody arrangement will you have? Whether you want sole custody or joint custody is a major factor in your case. We sometimes find that our clients are more focused on spending a lot of quality time with their children and that custody is of secondary importance.

Either way, you need to be careful to tailor your custody and parenting plan arrangements to the needs of your children. Cookie cutter plans don’t work well for most families.


Financial support is another important consideration in most divorces. When there are children, of course child support has to be addressed. This includes medical insurance and responsibility for payment of uninsured medical expenses of the children.

Spousal support is another major factor, especially when there has been a great disparity of income between the spouses in a longer-term marriage. Both of these kinds of support involve examining the parties’ incomes, ongoing personal expenses, debts, assets, health, and future economic prospects.

Dividing Property

Dividing property and debt is an added complexity in divorce and family law. If one party is going to keep the house, how much is it worth? With the house comes debt; is it possible for that person to refinance the house, to relieve the other party of responsibility for the mortgage? How much are the cars worth, and who is going to keep the travel trailer and the quads? Is the person keeping the credit card debts able to make the monthly minimum payments? What happens is a spouse declares bankruptcy, leaving the banks to look only to the party who wasn’t supposed to get stuck with any debt?

The bottom line is this: Don’t go it alone through a divorce; hire an experienced family law and divorce attorney from Eggert Law Firm to help you!

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